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A Book

A Book's Persistence

July 25th 2018 | Cheryle Writes

Atlanta author, Cheryle Boyle, shares views on a book’s persistence to be born. She recently self-published a book, so, in an effort to share with first-time novel writers some of what was involved in authoring a novel, Cheryle is sharing the inspiration behind part of the title of her book.

Organizing Your Fabric Stash,

Organizing Your Fabric Stash

February 16th 2017 | Cheryle Writes

Practically every person that sews has a fabric stash, because not only do we have a love of sewing, but we love the feel of fabrics, textures and an appreciation of the artistry of each individual piece. There is frequently a story to go with each piece, like where you purchased it, who was with you and the circumstances, a memory was created with each yard. And, no matter how much time passes, you still recall what you had planned for that perfect piece. Atlanta, GA Author, Cheryle Boyle, shares how she manages her fabric.

The Popsicles Saved Christmas,

The Popsicles Saved Christmas

December 10th 2016 | Cheryle Writes

Atlanta, GA Author, Cheryle Boyle, wrote this article as a Creative Christmas gift and its meaning.

Christmas SuperMom,

Christmas SuperMom

November 19th 2016 | Cheryle Writes

Cheryle Boyle, Atlanta, GA Author, wrote this is article about how to manage the stress of the holidays while still maintaining your SuperMom Image.

AJC Decatur Book Festival,

AJC Decatur Book Festival

August 28th 2016 | Cheryle Writes

538:Murder, Suicide and A Mother's Love is off on another adventure to the AJC Decatur Book Festival. With an estimated 75,000 in attendance, could there be a better way to spend a holiday weekend? Where writers meet with readers, no one should be at a loss for words.

Social Circle, GA Offers Warm Welcome,

Social Circle, GA Offers Warm Welcome

June 17th 2016 | Cheryle Writes

A thank you and recap of the National Preservation Month Reception in Social Circle, GA where I was their Special Guest and the warmth that this town offered. In addition, have a look at the video which I prepared in honor of historic preservation of a home which I restored in New Jersey in 2003. Signing my book, 538: Murder, Suicide and A Mother's Love in the same room which Margaret Mitchell's, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Gone with the Wind, had stood at some point many years past, bestowed quite the honor.

A Remembrance of Mother

A Remembrance of Mother's Day

May 17th 2016 | Cheryle Writes

Cheryle Boyle, Author, writes about A Remembrance of Mother's Day sharing my published book pendant.

The Fright of Being Unplugged,

The Fright of Being Unplugged

December 5th 2015 | Cheryle Writes

The Fright of Being Unplugged by Cheryle Boyle Have you ever considered what your life would be like without technology? Frightening for most people, one would imagine. How many times a day do you Google, to find something out? It would be necessary to make many trips...

Book Signing,

Book Signing

November 12th 2015 | Cheryle Writes

Local Book Signing By Cheryle Boyle Myself and fellow Author Heather Harlow will be signing books at the Cobb Library Foundation’s Self Published and Local Author Fair, this Saturday, 11/14/2015 from 1-4 p.m. Please stop by and see us and get your copy. Sign...


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