How to Self-Publish a Book in 2020

December 22nd 2020 | Cheryle Writes

Atlanta, Georgia-based author Cheryle Boyle, knows exactly how difficult it is to work and write and see a book come to fruition. Having published her first novel already, she wants to help others realize the book they have within them. To that end, she’d like to share some excellent how-to for first-time authors and what steps can bring your book to the world.

Step 1: Why Do You Want to Publish?

Be honest with yourself and your reasons for wanting to publish a book in the first place. Is it because you have the expertise to offer? Do you have ideas and stories crowding in your head that need to be put on the page? Maybe you simply want to publish your life story for friends and family? Regardless, getting clear about why you’re doing it will make all the other steps come that much more easily.

Step 2: Write the Book.

This step is obviously necessary. However, many writers, new and old alike, find this one to be the hardest. Whether you’re dealing with feelings of your words not being good enough or you struggle with bringing your ideas into a coherent structure, you still must write. No matter how good you are at marketing, or being an entrepreneur, nothing will take the place of words on the page. Sentence by sentence, word by word, you can do it.

Step 3: Edit the Book.

There are a huge variety of excellent non-fiction books out there about this. Both in self-editing/making your manuscript the best it can be and in how to choose the right editor when self-publishing your book. There are marketplaces where you can find a professional to help you over the finish line before hitting upload. Although, if the book is mainly for family and friends you may be able to self-edit your work. Many resources on this abound throughout the internet. Whatever you do, make sure editing is part of your process. 

Step 4: Design a Cover.

People may say, don’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s still done that way. You need to know what genre your book is and then either design one yourself or select a designer that will give you a cover that conveys what the reader will be getting from the pages. There are expectations, character considerations, and even themes that apply to every genre. Your cover is a great marketing tool, but if it doesn’t attract the right readers who’d like your book, it doesn’t help.

Step 5: Create a Launch Plan.

When you release your book to the public, have a plan on how to do that even before you hit upload. Are you going to release it into Kindle Unlimited or wide to all retailers? Are you releasing a second book right away or will it be years before another comes? Setting up accounts and learning the ins and outs of all you need to understand to publish can stack up and be overwhelming. Having a plan about where and how makes things easier in manageable chunks.

Step 6: Format & Upload.

Publish in both e-book and print book and any other format you feel would be a good fit for your book. Audio, foreign language, even large print. There are some free tools out there that will make both a nice-looking e-book and print file. If you have specific looks and needs though, hire a formatter. There are so many little tweaks and ways to mess these files up, that you truly want to make sure they’re done right.

Step 7: Maximize Your Marketing.

You are your book’s own best advocate. There are social influencers, bloggers, libraries, and even podcasters that can help as well. Getting your book in front of readers who will enjoy it is essential, especially if you want to make money with that book. Use a spreadsheet document or even a notebook will do. You do need to do some serious thinking though about how and when you’ll be marketing your book.

Cheryle is so happy with everything she has accomplished and wants to share some of the knowledge and understanding she’s received along her book journey. Learn from her experience and you’ll be sure to come out on top.

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