Addy's Bear

July 17th 2017 | Cheryle's Serious Business

What would you do? To promote discussion about dementia due to a recent unexpected encounter, Cheryle Boyle, author, writes about an unexpected acquaintance in Atlanta, GA. Addy, a desperate woman seeking answers and help.

Inspiration is Everywhere,

Inspiration is Everywhere

February 10th 2017 | Cheryle's Serious Business

Atlanta GA Author, Cheryle Boyle writes about gaining inspiration from a woman without fingers. What she does is amazing. She has the determination and perseverance qualities likened to the character Lilly in "538: Murder, Suicide and A Mother's Love"

Dancing with My Diary,

Dancing with My Diary

July 10th 2016 | Cheryle's Serious Business

The diary in "538: Murder, Suicide and A Mother's Love" shared intimate moments in a young life. Author, Cheryle Boyle, from Atlanta, GA talks about how journaling can be an emotional outlet. Let's explore it further and show our young children what a benefit it can be. Read on and discover the beginnings of a valuable campaign.


Life's Reduction

June 16th 2016 | Cheryle's Serious Business

Cheryle Boyle, Author, writes an overview of life's reduction. How we go about our lives collecting and gathering, progressing, and then the reduction. An observation from interactions at a nursing facility in Atlanta, GA

The Depths of Dementia,

The Depths of Dementia

April 3rd 2016 | Cheryle's Serious Business

Millions of Seniors suffer from Alzheimer’s Dementia or other similar conditions. These are some of Cheryle's reflections from seeing the depths of dementia first hand. "The Depths of Dementia" by Atlanta, GA Author, Cheryle Boyle, pens ones feelings when inflicted with this debilitating disease.

Dysfunction from a Child’s Eyes,

Dysfunction from a Child’s Eyes

December 5th 2015 | Cheryle's Serious Business

"Dysfunction from a Child’s Eyes" by Atlanta, GA Author, Cheryle Boyle. Sadie was sleepy, and this was not unlike any other evening, lying on her couch bed. Sometimes she would play upside-down-world just to stay awake. Sadie tried hard to keep her eyes open. She was...

The Perfect Weight: An Illusion of Ideal,

The Perfect Weight: An Illusion of Ideal

December 1st 2015 | Cheryle's Serious Business

THE PERFECT WEIGHT An Illusion of Ideal by Cheryle Boyle A lot of people have been looking for it for quite some time, especially lately, especially in America. In early years you didn’t have to search at all, it was just there. But, you bet, as soon as you turn 40,...

The Idealism of a Child,

The Idealism of a Child

November 3rd 2015 | Cheryle's Serious Business

The Idealism of a Child by Cheryle Boyle High pitch squeals, giggles, screams of joy, smiling faces, bodies jumping happily about, forever dancing to happiness all around. These are all the sounds of happy children. Crayons sliding across the page, beginning creations...

Divorce, A Broken Union,

Divorce, A Broken Union

October 28th 2015 | Cheryle's Serious Business

Divorce, A Broken Union by Cheryle Boyle Tammy Wynette sang it, 50% of the population today endure it. Divorce has gotten to be common place, and quite possibly this is why fewer people are marrying today. Relationships are difficult, but they don’t have to be....

Resiliency of Motherhood,

Resiliency of Motherhood

September 22nd 2015 | Cheryle's Serious Business

Resiliency of Motherhood by Cheryle Boyle We all have one. No one can replace her, she is all that you have, and you will never have another one. Mother. A mother’s love and resiliency can be quite profound. This bond is created well before the birthing of a child....


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