I love that you have arrived. You are in the right place! I wear many hats and want you to enjoy all the many endeavors that I explore, through books, blogs and poetry. I thrive on being creative and always have many projects in the works. Stay tuned, more writings coming soon!


Do you have a book inside of you just itching to get out?  Maybe that's why your knee hurts, it's that book!  Join Cheryle in her recent blog, "A Book's Persistence," as she shares the clever ways her book nagged at her and the oddities that evolved when she self-published her book.


My First Book

“538: Murder, Suicide and A Mother’s Love” is a historical fiction, about a mother’s journey in and out of dysfunction and how she finds herself in the trenches, none at her choosing.



My Cheryle Shares blog encompasses many topics; basically, whatever I'm up to at any given time. 

Sadie Says introduces you to events within the book; a get acquainted of sorts.  Sadie starts off by introducing all the main characters of the book in a storyline.



Another direction that my writing manifests is within poetry, as it seems to come to me on a whim; sometimes fun and sometimes serious.

58 Angels

Guest Authors

I welcome Guest Authors throughout the year, so please take a peek at what adventures they are up to.

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