Amidst her personal journey through friendship and spiritual growth, author Cheryle Boyle has been guided to pursue her life-long love of writing. Her passion has manifested itself through a self-published novel, short stories and poetry. As an author, poet and creative writer in Atlanta, Georgia, Cheryle chose to self-publish her works including her novel 538: Murder, Suicide and a Mother’s Love, available on Amazon.

Cheryle is a trove of information and experience, providing insight into the art of creative writing as well as the increasingly lucrative world of self-publishing, which has grown significantly with the rise of e-books and the Kindle device; providing authors with direct access to millions of readers worldwide.

Contact Cheryle to uncover her next steps in this journey of self-discovery and enlightenment as a self-published author. Whether you would like to get in touch with Cheryle to discuss her creative muses, find out more about receiving a free chapter from her novel, uncover the theme of her next poem or receive advice about becoming a self-published author, she will be happy to share her story and knowledge and welcome you on her journey.

Get in touch with author Cheryle Boyle to share in her journey of self-discovery and her life-long love of writing.

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