Atlanta, Georgia Author Cheryle Boyle Presents
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Cheryle Boyle is an author in Atlanta, Georgia who self-published her compelling novel “538: Murder, Suicide, and a Mother’s Love” which is available on Amazon. While the novel was still forthcoming, Cheryle created the blog platform Sadie Says to give voice to the mother Lilly and her youngest daughter Sadie, two key characters in the fictional work.

Enjoy the poignant and honest blog posts from the perspectives of Lilly and Sadie, as they give a glimpse into the character development of many family members within a violent and dysfunctional family setting. Sadie explores play and fantasy life to cope with her difficult reality, while the concurrent theme of resiliency runs through the writings.

Cheryle Boyle has much wisdom and love to share within her prose and poetry. She also makes self-publishing a novel appear easy, but the reality is, such an endeavor takes a ton of work and dedication to getting an important story out there for others to read and share. Contact Cheryle Boyle to share your thoughts and perhaps become a guest author on her website.

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