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Cheryle Boyle is an author, poet and creative in Atlanta, Georgia who successfully self-published her deeply moving book about a family's journey through dysfunction and loss to heart-centered action. The print edition of Cheryle's book "538 Murder, Suicide, and A Mother's Love" is available on Amazon, and the eBook is on Kindle. Enjoy reading through the thoughtful editorial reviews and Author's excerpt and biography on Amazon. Sign up for Cheryle's newsletter, and receive a free chapter of her compelling book.

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"538: Murder, Suicide and A Mother's Love".

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538: Murder, Suicide and A Mother's Love

538: Murder, Suicide, and a Mother's Love - Book Cover

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Lilly found herself in quite the predicament. Five children, all under age 8 with the baby barely 2, all fatherless, at his choosing.

Why did he willingly, permanently, leave her? Was the possibility of baby number 6, and number 7 by a neighbor woman, too much to handle?

This sets Lilly on a path of endless despair; suffering great loss.

Is Lilly a survivor or does she crumble under the pressure?

She soon finds her youngest child’s diaries and this propels her into action to right the wrongs that life has delivered her. The release of “538” is now available at Amazon.