How To Keep Focused During Long Writing Sessions

March 9th 2023 | Cheryle Writes

Staying focused as you write can be hard. SImplify your creative process with these 5 tips!


5 Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

August 9th 2021 | Cheryle Writes

Each year on August 9, Book Lover's Day is celebrated internationally. Whether you read every day or it has been a while since you last picked up a book, put down your phone on August 9 and join the quiet celebration.


5 Reasons to Visit an Atlanta Library This Summer

July 27th 2021 | Cheryle Writes

Whether you're looking for summer reading or just some air conditioning, there are many reasons to visit a library in Atlanta Georgia in the summer


How to Start Writing a Book

May 5th 2021 | Cheryle Writes

Some tips from a self-published author about starting the process of writing a book.


Beating Writer's Block

February 3rd 2021 | Cheryle Writes

Does writer's block have you down? Try following these 5 tips to help you get back to writing!


How to Self-Publish a Book in 2020

December 22nd 2020 | Cheryle Writes

Read some excellent how-to for first-time authors and what steps can bring your book to the world.

A Book

A Book's Persistence

July 25th 2018 | Cheryle Writes

Atlanta author, Cheryle Boyle, shares views on a book’s persistence to be born. She recently self-published a book, so, in an effort to share with first-time novel writers some of what was involved in authoring a novel, Cheryle is sharing the inspiration behind part of the title of her book.

Organizing Your Fabric Stash,

Organizing Your Fabric Stash

February 16th 2017 | Cheryle Writes

Practically every person that sews has a fabric stash, because not only do we have a love of sewing, but we love the feel of fabrics, textures and an appreciation of the artistry of each individual piece. There is frequently a story to go with each piece, like where you purchased it, who was with you and the circumstances, a memory was created with each yard. And, no matter how much time passes, you still recall what you had planned for that perfect piece. Atlanta, GA Author, Cheryle Boyle, shares how she manages her fabric.

The Popsicles Saved Christmas,

The Popsicles Saved Christmas

December 10th 2016 | Cheryle Writes

Atlanta, GA Author, Cheryle Boyle, wrote this article as a Creative Christmas gift and its meaning.

Christmas SuperMom,

Christmas SuperMom

November 19th 2016 | Cheryle Writes

Cheryle Boyle, Atlanta, GA Author, wrote this is article about how to manage the stress of the holidays while still maintaining your SuperMom Image.


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