5 Reasons to Visit an Atlanta Library This Summer

July 27th 2021 | Cheryle Writes

Self-Published author and poet, Cheryle Boyle, is no stranger to Atlanta, Georgia – the place she calls home. Between writing flowery prose and operating as the Ms. Fix-It of her family, you can find Cheryle Boyle at her local library, nestled between rows of books, an activity she highly recommends. And with school being out for the summer, there’s no excuse not to visit your library during the hot months. Cheryle wants to highlight 5 reasons to visit a library this summer.

Summer Reading Programs

Summer Reading programs are geared towards encouraging young readers to read while they're not in school. Libraries will often have a reading log to track how many books kids have read over the summer, then reward them based on quantity. Often the reward is a free book! Summer Reading Programs aren’t just for kids. A lot of local libraries have started summer reading programs for adults as well.

Book Sales

Looking for your next read? Libraries are a wealth of information about up-and-coming books and will often host a book sale to help clear out inventory, and act as a central location for a sale to take place. Libraries are often funded by donated books, bestsellers that are no longer in demand, and donations. Those book sales in turn will go towards new inventory and funding the library directly. Buy a book, support your local library. What could be better?

Craft Fair

Libraries are a central hub for the arts and like book sales, will often host a craft fair for local vendors to set up a booth and show off their goods. This is a fun, safe activity that the entire family can enjoy by getting out and getting to know your local craftsmen. You will find libraries are art-centric and tip their hat towards music, film, art, crafts and of course, anything involving a story!


Libraries were around before the internet, and are still viewed as the original information-destination. Your local library will often put on story time for children, local author meet-and-greets, business startup classes or job-skills classes. Some libraries often feature a genealogy section or second language classes.

Free Material

Besides books, libraries will often lend music, movies, magazines and even audiobooks. Sometimes, they’ll have a subscription to paid-websites and databases. Libraries are a resource, from the diverse group of people who work there, to the vast resources that may be borrowed. Head to your local library today to find out what they have to offer, they’re all different!

Local to Atlanta?

Atlanta has a handful of public libraries including Hickory Flat Library, R.T Jones Library, and Woodstock Library Be sure to check out Cheryle Boyle’s book while you’re there! Also, to get to know Cheryle more, check out the first chapter of her book on her Free Chapter page or reach out to her if you have any questions.

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