Christmas SuperMom

November 19th 2016 | Cheryle Writes

Christmas SuperMom,

Are you a SuperMom or want to be?  Atlanta, GA Author, Cheryle Boyle, writes about how to manage the stress of the holiday season and still maintain your SuperMom image.

Christmas SuperMom


Cheryle Boyle

Is anyone getting stressed about the holidays?  Are you feeling that your inner SuperMom is more like a BlooperMom?  Are we exhausted and dreading another marathon?   I am at the point of trying to figure out how to blast through this season with flying colors, but I am coming up empty. 

Last year I created a video for our granddaughters, that introduced their common gift, which I had created.  This video transported them to a place that they very much wanted to be; their eyes loudly yielding to the visions before them.  I then led them to one of my spare bedrooms, where I had displaced my creation, and indeed, they again, traveled to that special place.  Throughout the year, much to my delight, time and time again they leaped into their imaginations, creatively using their minds, as well as their two hands, and often interacting with one another.  There was no age barrier.  It was such a hit throughout the year that I am seriously considering marketing it.  I can’t share the secret until I get the details all figured out, but you will be the first to know!

This year, the same creativity is there, but the time, not so much.  And, how would I be able to top that anyway. The point that I am getting at, is that as wives and mothers we all feel like we need to be that SuperMom and get it all done, whether with help or not.  I am finding, I think, that it’s all in the organization. 

I will share with you a method of organization that I have used year after year with my family, children and grandchildren.  A time or two, as we all sat around the Christmas tree, my children would keep track of the number of gifts and if they received the same as their sibling(s).  This method puts a stop to that!  I’m sure you can all relate to at least one child in your life that has felt inequitably in the gift getting department. 

It’s very simple.  I take a 3x5 card (very inexpensive) and write at the top of each card the child’s name from my gift list.  Soon I have a stack of cards for those on my list.  I will use different colors for children, grandchildren, and other family members. They nicely rubber-band together and are kept under lock and key in my purse with a blank card on top and bottom!! (top card to disguise, bottom card, JIC I need a new card).  They are never left out for prying eyes to see.  Since in my purse, I always have with me when out and about, because you never know when you will run into that perfect gift for Uncle Casey! My entire family knows NOT TO EVER TOUCH these cards, no matter how curious they may be feeling, or the magic of Christmas will disappear from their lives forever.

Index Cards

Each gift I get the recipient goes on a single line.  The gifts must be wrapped in this manner as well.  If you combine two gifts in one box, both items must be placed on a single line.  As my shopping progresses, I find the cards filling up.  Just at a glance I can see that I have three lines (three gifts) for Joey, five for Heather, etc.  If you fill up the same number of lines, everyone will have the same number of gifts.  In addition, if I am budgeting, I will place the dollar amount next to the line-item, then I can keep track of my spending as well.  Note: You can use your first card as a master list and put everyone’s name on it and cross off as you complete their gifts.  I always like to have a master list.

I hope that this Gift Organizational System works in your life like it has in mine.  Next I’m off to finding creative ways of presenting gifts.  Share yours so we can all get in on the fun.

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