Resiliency of Motherhood

September 22nd 2015 | Cheryle's Serious Business

Resiliency of Motherhood,

Resiliency of Motherhood

by Cheryle Boyle

We all have one. No one can replace her, she is all that you have, and you will never have another one. Mother. A mother’s love and resiliency can be quite profound. This bond is created well before the birthing of a child. Countless times this bond will be challenged. An angry adolescent shouts, “I hate you!” The mother hurts inside, her heartaches, but her love never changes. She doesn’t love any less. Her love is tested many times throughout the growth of a child and into adulthood as well. These tests are never ending, thus, is the plight of a mother. A friend once offered me the quote:

“When your children are small, they step on your toes; when grown, they step on your heart.” Anonymous

The character, Lilly, in “538: Murder, Suicide and A Mother’s Love” endured more than any mother ever should have to. She endured her oldest child acting out from the time he could walk; she endured him committing murder as an adult, but she still loved him. She would go to the ends of the earth to help him in any way. She knew he was disturbed, but her love never conceded. This is a mother’s love.

A mother has such a tough relentless job in caring and raising her children; she is on the clock 24/7 the rest of her entire life from the time that she births a child. Her pay is meager – possibly an occasional hug or love you in return, but this does not matter. Even though the children move away and find their own way, the mother never stops worrying. If the child visits rarely, she still worries. If the child does well and everything appears fine, she still worries. This is her job. God blessed her with this job. Never does she complain, because the wonders and miracles that occurred the very day that child was born, she will never forget. She was blessed with a job that she willingly accepted.

No one can imagine the entirety of a Mother’s job description. She wears many hats, whether she holds the written degrees or not. She is often a doctor, a cook, a tailor, an athlete, etc., it’s endless. Every day a new job title is added. One thing in this position that is certain, her love is always forgiving and without it a child’s foundation can crumble. Hug a mother today, because at some point in time, she has earned it.

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