The Idealism of a Child

November 3rd 2015 | Cheryle's Serious Business

The Idealism of a Child,

The Idealism of a Child


Cheryle Boyle

High pitch squeals, giggles, screams of joy, smiling faces, bodies jumping happily about, forever dancing to happiness all around. These are all the sounds of happy children. Crayons sliding across the page, beginning creations forming the artist within. Dressing and undressing their dolls and Barbie’s mimicking the adults they are surrounded by. All snuggled by your side listening to a favorite book, feeling the adult closeness they all crave.Little girl playing with dolls

Small children are so impressionable and to watch them at play there is an innocence that has not yet been tainted by societal boundaries. What if we all remained in that state of idealism? What if? If we could keep those child-like thoughts that everyone and everything is good and have them not be tarnished by negative thoughts. Quite possibly all our perceptions would remain innocent and the playground would never house a bully, man would never go to war, siblings would never fight, parents would never fight and families would no longer be broken.   The thinking here is very idealistic, but a child’s mind is idealistic.

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