The Perfect Weight: An Illusion of Ideal

December 1st 2015 | Cheryle's Serious Business

The Perfect Weight: An Illusion of Ideal,


  An Illusion of Ideal


Cheryle Boyle

A lot of people have been looking for it for quite some time, especially lately, especially in America. In early years you didn’t have to search at all, it was just there. But, you bet, as soon as you turn 40, it disappears. That darn thing, it makes you want to scream!! Too many things are out there to tempt it. Buildings with flashy signs, commercials that cause you to drool and make you want to get in the car immediately. Every day, every hour you fight it. The “Perfect Weight: An Illusion of Ideal.”Struggling with Diet

When things get a little tough, you just say what the hell, and give in, but not without guilt. Yeah, it’s the guilt that’s the worst. It sends you out and about and you do it again at the place with the flashy lights, or the lights could even be dim, or it could be at the park, or it could be in a dark theater, or it could be in your car, or even just in your back yard. Why, heck, you could even do it in your bed! In the summer, it seems to live in the back yard!!

It has just been so long since it disappeared, it makes you figure you were meant to have it anymore. Those are the days that guilt eases up a little, not a lot, but just a little. It’s still there always. You try to remember when it was gone and keep telling yourself it is attainable again and just keep thinking what you were like when it wasn’t around. If you just wish hard enough maybe it will go away and the bliss will return. It demands hard work, dedication and daily devotion, yes, we even resort to praying over it at times. Our perfect weight, ideal weight, wishful weight. The desire to lose weight and keep it gone forever. The continual quest for the ideal weight. The illusion of ideal.

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