Anita LaRaia

November 14th 2016 | Guest Author

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Anita LaRaia

Anita LaRaia

"Turn the Corner: Sex, Morality,  Drinking, Money, Military/Colleges/World"

About the Author

For thirty-three years in Atlanta, GA, Anita LaRaia was the legendary wine teacher, writer, and performer who taught thousands of adult classes, performed events from Las Vegas to Bermuda, published two books and hundreds of articles in Atlanta and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazines, was an online wine expert for, worked at the retail, wholesale, and import levels of the wine business, and guided deluxe vineyard tours in Italy and France.  Now she is using her BA and Master’s degrees in social psychology from Cornell University, six years as a working resident of London, England, her problem-solving life, and powerful free verse poems to win the minds and hearts of a worldwide audience needing solutions to our shared problems. 

About the Book

Anita has pulled the pin on this hand grenade!  Using her explosive personality and prose, she has written a book that both strong women who need more backbone and smart men who want to be smarter would read.  Whether you are in the military, in recovery, at college, at work, or at home, this very dangerous world requires you to develop personal power for protection against assault and to achieve victory through equality.  Anita shines a light and leads the way, with the facts and figures, as well as hope and inspiration. 

Turn the Corner, and move from the darkness to the light. 

Turn the Corner

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