Tryna Gower

October 12th 2016 | Guest Author

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Tryna Gower

Tryna Gower

"be.come: begin to be."

About the Author

Cree-Métis spiritual warrior and award-winning entrepreneur Tryna Gower shares her story and offers inspiration through an international group she founded in 2014 called be.real. Tryna was born into a multi-cultural family with Cree, Métis, Irish, Polish and Czechoslovakian roots. Growing up in a primarily white household, she always felt different from the people she knew as her family. But her grandmother Adel Spacil (formerly Big Charles) showed her the true meaning of unconditional love through a relationship that didn’t end with death.
Beyond the grave, her grandmother continued to guide her back to her aboriginal roots, and even channeled be.come, a book with a special message for humanity, through Tryna. Born in British Columbia, Canada, Tryna is grateful for the connection she feels with her homeland and the vibration of her ancestors. She loves inspiring others to be.come their true selves by developing their own intuitive and leadership gifts. Follow Tryna Gower at


About the Book

After the death of my Indian grandmother six years ago, I could not deny what was happening to me any longer. The gift of mediumship was bestowed upon me and my psychic abilities erupted boldly before me. I can no longer deny what I now know I can do. Instinctively I knew I was being told to share this story with humanity through the vehicle of a book. Much to my own surprise, it would be the experience of writing a book that would catapult my life into another world of love, spirit and exploration of self. If you are reading this, it is a sign that it may be time for you to explore your true self and be.come.

be.come: begin to be
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