Life's Blossom

April 28th 2017 | Poetry


After a recent death, Author, Cheryle Boyle was involved in a discussion about life and it's mysteries.  In "538: Murder, Suicide and A Mother's Love" the mysteries of life are constantly tested by way of dysfunction.  This poem offers a comparison of life to a flower. This is a companion poem to "Whisper of the Wind" which was written to help children with their expressions of grief.

Life's Blossom

by Cheryle Boyle

A beautiful flower awakens and comes into bloom

It’s petals all silky and bright, reaching for the warm glow of the sun

We gently sprinkle with water and watch it turn into many from just one.


A new life begins, as a precious baby, from its mother’s womb descends

The tiny little cry, to the first little smile, growth happens in such a short while

The baby grows into an adult and goes out into the world on its own

Pink Flowers


This birthing of both, life’s beginning, a new cycle comes forth

Time passes, we appreciate the loveliness and beauty of the flower

Both accomplish what God intended but they soon tire from their tasks


The flower begins to wilt, its colors soon fade, it droops no matter with water, sun, or shade

A delicate whisper of wind crumbles the flower and to Heaven and beyond it ascends


The adult has completed its journey, they can no longer stand on their feet

Sickness has consumed them and soon they slowly fade away as God takes them to Heaven one day


We look back and marvel at both, a celebration that God has shared with us all

We can press the flower, and save in a book, for at any point that we wish another look

The cycle of our loved one, with memories, we can always carry them near

We quietly pray and shed a simple tear, but never will they be forgot, in our hearts they are always near.

It’s a cycle of life for both of God’s gifts, time is unknown, the importance comes in the love we show

For tomorrow they may be gone, never will we know.

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