Where Have I Gone?

March 2nd 2017 | Poetry

Where Have I Gone?,

In the following, "Where Have I Gone?" Cheryle Boyle, Author, writes how on a day to day basis it is inconceivable how much we use our brains.  But, what if that brain begins to fail us?  It's our mainframe, our computer system that regulates us as a whole.  Many times, over the years, Author, Cheryle Boyle has joked about needing additional RAM or a faster processor, but truly, it becomes quite difficult when we are unable to process like we once did.

We all have been forgetful, because let's face it, we have too much on our plates.  When the plate sits empty and the forgetfulness continues, it gives cause to worry.  Those wires that have always connected so well to push the planning and problem solving and to regulate our breathing and heartbeat, causes much fear and anxiety when they don't. 

Where Have I Gone?

by Cheryle Boyle

I sit for hours on end because a message to my feet I cannot send

The memories carefully stored in my head are a jumble of wires I cannot bend

There are things I want to do and say but my brain tells me no way

How did I get like this? I ask God each day, make it better I always Pray

People around me I often forget, the faces not familiar and not legit

So instead, I watch TV and just sit

Time ticks on and stops for me or no one, a brain slowly emptying, is no fun.

Understanding is not there to seek, in my world you don’t want to peek.

I would cry, but my brain doesn’t remember how

Sadness sets in, deep inside, somewhere I don’t know

I pull up my blanket and cover my head

Hoping someday I’ll perish instead

Woman Sitting

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