Whisper of the Wind

April 28th 2017 | Poetry

Whisper of the Wind,

After a recent death, Author, Cheryle Boyle was involved in a discussion about life and it's mysteries and how to help children understand. This poem offers a comparison of life to a flower and aids the adult in supporting children during these sad times.  During times like these, children sometimes become a backdrop and just as in "538" Murder, Suicide and A Mother's Love" are left to their own assumptions.  This is a companion poem to "Life's Blossom."

Whisper of the Wind

by Cheryle Boyle

A Flower’s Life:

God gives us a flower to look at, touch and appreciate

It’s so beautiful, we are amazed by all the eye pleasing colors

Our Gardens smell wonderful and the bees are kept busy spreading their seeds

Then one day the flower must go.  It’s lived a meaningful life and shared its beauty

Yellow Flowers

 A Human’s Life:

God gives us a baby to raise up right, giggling, happy and full of life

We share our love and the baby grows to be big and strong

The baby, all grown, his life meaningful as well.  Its body is tired now as we can tell.

God calls them both for they have completed their journeys.  They did their jobs and shared with us all.

This is the cycle of life, whether a beautiful flower or human in kind.

With a gentle whisper of wind, we all return to Heaven to visit God, our friend.

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